An INSANE Hanukkah is a Hanukkah based Soviet Ronalds special that premiered on the The RMDH Channel right after It's a Soviet Ronalds Christmas!. It was written and directed by a Jew who only recently started his job as a RMDH Channel writer.


An INSANE Hanukkah picks up where It's a Soviet Ronald Christmas leaves off. With Tails saying he's Jewish, just before Bill the Sockpuppet threatens to destroy Hanukkah forever. Being their INSANE self, the Soviet Ronalds celebrate Hanukkah in order to piss off Bill.


To be added


Ronald McDonald: Leader of the Soviet Ronalds

Bill the Sockpuppet: A nazi who hates thinking.

Tails: A meth addict who is Jewish.

Grimace: Ronald McDonald's best friend.

Nigel Thornberry: A weird explorer.

Drew Pickles: A super swell guy.

More TBA


  • Colonel Sanders doesn't appear in this special. MilezTailzPrower stated that he while Colonel Sanders is indeed a great and worthy antagonist, he has little to do with Hanukkah, and that Adamfu would be more appropiate.
  • This is the first RMDH Channel holiday special based on a Judaism.
  • There is a error in the story's plot. due to the fact that Hanukkah 2014 is during December 14 - December 24. However, the Soviet Ronalds start celebrating Hanukkah on December 26.

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