Baby Daisy & Mr. Krabs is an old TV show that was on the Youtube Poop Wiki. It features Baby Daisy and her babysitter, Mr. Krabs, going on all sorts of zany adventures. Reruns air on The RMDH Channel.



  • Baby Daisy: a young princess and the protagonist of the series.
  • Mr. Krabs: the secondary protagonist. He is Baby Daisy's babysitter and his greed can often blind him in certain situations.
  • Rarity: a fabulous unicorn pony who drops by here and there.
  • SKODWARDE: an evil octopus and the show's main antagonist. He wants to do evil things so Mr. Krabs will get into trouble with Baby Daisy's parents.


  • Luigi: Mario's awesome brother and Baby Daisy's father.
  • Princess Daisy: Luigi's wife and Baby Daisy's mother.
  • Baby Luigi: Baby Daisy's brother.
  • Baby Peach: Baby Daisy's best friend and sister and Mario's daughter.
  • Pinkie Pie: a fun-loving pony who loves FUN! Mr. Krabs likes her, but Baby Daisy doesn't.
  • Yoshi: an awesome dinosaur who helps out.
  • Elmo: an annoying red faggot who occasionally helps SKODWARDE with his plans.


See List of episodes of Baby Daisy & Mr. Krabs.

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