Bill5 was the last member of The Brat Family, and the only member to torment the YTPWiki in the Era of Freedom (2014). He attacked MilezTailzPrower for being Jewish (blaming Adamfu in the process), and Adam9812 for being an Atheist. He also attacked any users who offically sided with MilezTailzPrower and Adam9812, this included but was not limited to Bramblenose, AwesomeSeaCucumber, and more. He was later banned, but he started to become more annoying. He evaded bans with Hola Unblocker over half a dozen times, and he made three sockpuppets. He was eventually defeated when Wikia Staff globally banned him and all his sockpuppets, but this was only because he ran around with his third sock attacking random wikis with Desu lazers. He only achieved one of his retarded goals, getting the user Bramblenose globally banned (who later came back as Bramble.exe).


Bill spewed a metric ton of bullshit, but you get to see how he spewed extra.


Bill's second sockpuppet was Adamfu35. This sock is very mainstream, with a near-identical name. Adamfu35's target, rather than Milez, was Adam for supposed "power abuse" and "bullying Christians" and "Desu". After spewing a little more bullshit Adamfu35 was blocked on the YouTube Poop wiki. Bill made another anon that launched a Desu right after this.


Bill's third and final sockpuppet was Adamfu36. The name is even MOAR mainstream, and Bill failed at getting Adam banned again. However, Bill then went to religion-related wikis and began replacing pages with things like "JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY" and "DESU IS LOVE DESU IS LIFE DESU". However, the VSTF Squad took him down soon, but not before Bill shot some bullshit and Desu at them.

Lasting LegacyEdit

Bill spewed so much bullshit that other, more retarded anons with less Desu wanted to be like him. Before Adamfu35 (Bill in disguise), several retarded Anons were Adamfu impostors. After Adamfu35 but before Adamfu36, one or two Anons tried and Bramble decided to make a sockpuppet called Adamfu69 to impersonate Bill (even though it only lasted 1 post). Currently, no Anons have been recorded impersonating Bill after Adamfu36 probably due to the global-Permablock, or maybe just due to the Desu.


  • Bill is almost as obsessed with Desu as ASC.

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