File:TTAHCS MAPS CWCville II by SonichuTTAHCS.png

CWCville is a retarded town that Chris Chan uses as the setting for his god-awful comic series Sonichu. The town is inhabited by several of Chris's pathetic characters and is sort of a ripoff of the Mushroom Kingdom and several towns from Pokémon.


  • Chris' House: the home of the nefarious manchild himself. It also has a portal to CWCville and the real world.
  • CWCville Mall: a shopping center that has lots of stores and serves as Chris' mayoral office.
  • Sonichu's House: the home of Chris' atrocious recolor and his girlfriend. Very naughty things go on there.
  • Billy Mays Tower: a tower constructed to honor Billy Mays.
  • Get-Tar Region: Chris' retarded version of Target. Some battles go on here.
  • Mal-Wart Region: Chris' retarded version of Wal-Mart. Several battles go on here.
  • M-Kart Region: Chris' retarded version of K-Mart. Not to be confused with Mario Kart, several battles happen here, too.
  • PVCC Headquarters: the HQ for Private Villaina for Corrupted Citizens, or the shitty hangout for the villains of CWCville.
  • Marichu's House: the home of Sonichu's disgusting rival and his friends. Weird stuff goes on here.


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