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Chris Chan (full name Christian Weston Chandler) is a selfish manchild who is the ultimate failure of human life. He is the creator of the awful webcomic known as Sonichu and is trolled to oblivion constantly because, you know, he is a piece of failure. Tito and Billy Mays have trolled him before.



  • Trolls
  • Anyone who says that Sonichu sucks
  • Anyone who calls him "gay"
  • Being a virgin
  • Mario (he claims to have liked Mario, but he prefers Sonic)
  • Tito
  • Billy Mays
  • Grant Kirkhope
  • Pickles
  • Homos
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (then he suddenly said he liked it, possibly to fap to)
  • Sonic Boom (because Sega made Sonic's arms blue. No, seriously!)


  • He was born on Febuary 24, the same day the Nazi party was formed!
  • He blows his money on bad video games, sex toys, and Legos.
  • His comic series, Sonichu, lasted only 10 issues, yet Chris apparently wanted to make it a multimedia franchise! For more on Sonichu, go here.
  • He's taken a hatred for Sonic Boom, mainly because Sonic's arms are blue. We're not kidding.


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