File:MLP Discord.png

Discord is the supreme overlord of all things chaotic. He caused trouble across Equestria until he was imprisoned in stone (which Luigi didn't make!). Eventually, he became a good guy thanks to Fluttershy. Ronald McDonald has known Discord for a long time, and the 2 never got along until now. He was also a member of the SKODWARDE Society, but later quit after turning good.


  • Chaos!
  • Chocolate Milk (he can make it rain chocolate milk!)
  • Fluttershy (best friend next to Ronald)
  • Princess Celestia (he has a crush on her, which makes Ronald jealous)
  • Ronald McDonald Insanity
  • Mario Party (he is the Mario Party master!)


  • Harmony
  • Rolf
  • Ronald McDonald (back then. Now they are best buddies!)
  • Being trapped in stone!

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