Drewland is the most homosexual country in the world and serves as master headquarters for Drew Pickles and The Barney Bunch. The country itself is shaped like a dildo.

Places in DrewlandEdit

  • Drewland National Airport: this is the main enterance to Drewland, and has access places to Ronald McDonald Hell and Yoshi's Island.
  • Drew's Mansion: the home of the world's gayest man and his purple fuck buddy. This is a place where the Barney Bunch go to usually have an orgy.
  • Barney Bunch Sex Stadium: a huge stadium where the Barney Bunch go to have super doper mega bum bum rape romp orgies. It is twice the size of RMDH's Kaiju Coliseum.
  • Stu's Sex Shop: a sex store run by Stu Pickles. It has lots of dildus, gay pornos, and plenty of chocolate pudding.
  • Cranky's Lab: a laboratory run by Cranky Kong. It has potions made out of cum and other sexual concoctions.
  • Five Faggots Restaurant: a swell restaurant run by Ronald's brother/cousin/whatever Dick the Clown. It serves the swellest foods ever!
  • Barney Bunch Entertainment Studios: a huge studio where Drew and the Barney Bunch film their gay pornos and other swell material.
  • Drewland Museum of Natural Swellness: the most homosexual museum ever! It has facts about Drew and the rest of the Bunch, as well as prized possessions. Don't forget to visit the gift shop!
  • Cock Cinemas: a movie theater that Drew and the Bunch go to when they want to watch gay pornos. They have free tissues!
  • Drewland National Library: a massive library with tons of gay porn magazines and gay children's books. They even have a masturbation booth.
  • Drewland Maximum Prison: this is for serious offenders, such as Betty DeVille or Fatty Bear. The prison often has punishments, such as watching a Barney Bunch porno to severe speed rapes.

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