Drewtendo is a game company founded by Drew Pickles. It is a very swell company that make just as swell games and consoles. They also make games that feature the Soviet Ronalds. Its sister companies are Waatendo and DJ Two Games.

Key peopleEdit


  • Cockecovision (1st game system)
  • DES (Drewtendo Entertainment System)
  • SDES (Super Drewtendo Entertainment System)
  • Drewtendo Gay Boy
  • Drewtendo Gaynesis
  • Virtual Drew
  • Drewtendo 64
  • Drewtendo Gaystation
  • Drewtendo Shiturn
  • Drewtendo WetDreamcast
  • Drewtendo Gay Boy Color
  • Drewtendo GayCube
  • Gaystation 2
  • Sexx Box
  • Drewtendo Gay Boy Advance
  • Drewtendo DS (DilduS)
  • Drewtendo Wii-nar
  • Gaystation 3
  • Sexx Box 369
  • Drewtendo 3DilduS
  • Drewtendo Wii-nar U
  • Gaystation 4
  • Sexx Box One


Drewtendo Wii-nar Virtual ConsoleEdit

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