Dry Bones and Boo's Haunting Hour is a spook-tacular new show on The RMDH Channel starring Dry Bones and Boo! The show involves our heroes as they go around making things as spooky as possible.



  • Dry Bones: A drug-addicted Koopa Troopa and the main protagonist.
  • Boo: A ghost who is the second main protagonist. He assists Dry Bones in making things scary.
  • Dry Bowser: Dry Bones's master and the leader of the Dry Bones. He oversees his progress.
  • King Boo: Boo's father and the king of the Boos. He oversees and provides funding for Boo's adventure.
  • King Sombra: An evil pony and the main antagonist. He tries to prevent Dry Bones and Boo from spooking things up.


  • Shy Guy: An awesome dude who wears a mask. He is good friends with Dry Bones.
  • Metal Mario: A drug-addicted Italian plumber who is also one of Dry Bones's drug buddies.
  • SKODWARDE: A sinister octopus who tries to stop Dry Bones and Boo's journey.
  • Elmo: The furry red faggot from Sesame Street who always dies.


See List of episodes of Dry Bones's and Boo's Haunting Hour for more information.

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