Everybody Hates Elmo: Second Helping is a series that is the sequel to Everybody Hates Elmo. The cast from the original series is back for this one. Also like the original series, it lasted only 2 seasons.



  • Elmo: the most hated muppet in the universe who usually dies in a gruesome way.
  • Flapjack: an irritating sailor child who has a love for ADVENTURE!!!!!. He is elmo's best friend.
  • Olimar: a pathetic space midget who's only friends (other than Elmo and Flap) are dildo shaped creatures named Pikmin.
  • Chowder: the fat purple bastard who loves food and annoying Schnitzel!
  • Rainbow Dash: an awesome Pegasus pony who's fast speed and rainbow colors cause Elmo and his pals to have seizures.
  • Applejack: a Southern pony who supplies apples to Chowder. She hangs with Rainbow Dash.
  • Chris Chan the infamous manchild and creator of the atrocious webcomic Sonichu. He wants to rape both Rainbow Dash and Applejack to lose his virginity.
  • Knifehead: a frightening Kaiju who enjoys terrifying Elmo and his pals.


  • Olaf the Snowman: a derpy looking snowman who hangs out with Elmo and his pals. He appears in winter-themed episodes.
  • Drew Pickles: The gayest man in the universe and leader of the Barney Bunch. He is a good butt-buddy of Elmo's.
  • Ronald McDonald: An INSANE, somewhat pedophillic Japanese-American clown who has a rivalry with Elmo.
  • Grimace: A living, purple testicle who has a rivalry with Elmo.
  • Yoshi: An awesome dinosaur who also has a rivalry with Elmo.


See List of episodes of Everybody Hates Elmo: Second Helping.

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