Everybody Loves Grimace is a popular TV show that airs on the RMDH Channel and was the 1st original series on the channel. It focused on Grimace and the many shenanigans he gets into with The Soviet Ronalds. It has 5 seasons and 3 movies. It also had several spinoff shows called Everybody Loves Yoshi and The Firey Burger Saga and a ripoff called Everybody Hates Elmo.


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  • Grimace- the faggot testicle and main protagonist
  • Ronald McDonald- the insane clown of McDonalds and Grimace's best freind
  • King Dedede- Soviet Ronalds 2nd in command
  • Wario- the burger eating fat man. He and Grimace go on gay adventures
  • Donkey Kong- the banana eating ape. He and Grimace go on gay adventures, too
  • Dr. Robotnik- the series main antagonist. He plans on ruining Grimace's fun


  • Stanley- a drug addict troll from Central Park. He gets most of the characters high
  • Drew Pickles- the gayest man ever. He likes to visit RMDH and rape everyone
  • RobotniGrimace- a strange comination of Robotnik and Grimace. He is very swell
  • Nigel Thornberry- a smashing explorer who is freinds with Ronald
  • Toad- Ronald's nephew

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Film SeriesEdit

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A series of movies based on the show was made to it epicize (yes, epicize) the story. Ronald McDonald Hell is being invaded by enemies, so Grimace and pals must stop them.