EBLG Holiday Hambuga

Teaser poster.

Everybody Loves Grimace: Holiday Hambuga
is the 1st holiday special to air on the RMDH Channel. It focuses on Grimace as he and the Soviet Ronalds prepare for a big Christmas party.


It's Christmas time in Ronald McDonald Hell, and everyone is very excited, especially the Soviet Ronalds. They have been planning a big Christmas party, and Ronald McDonald sends Grimace to the mall for some last minute decorations. Little does he know that Dr. Robotnik has been snooPING AS usual on him.

At the mall, Grimace gets distracted by all the My Little Pony stuff at Hot Topic, and wondered if the store would be willing to make shirts of Ronald McDonald and Ran Ran Ruu. But soon, he focuses on his task because Ronald sent Twilight Sparkle to the mall to help out Grimace (keep in mind that Grimace isn't the brightest thing ever). They find the decorations they need and leave the mall.

They are soon stopped by Robotnik, who demands that they give him the decorations or he'll ruin the Soviet Ronalds' Christmas party. Grimace and Twilight couldn't let the party be ruined, nor could they give up the decorations. Robotnik steals the decos from them, but before he could fully escape, Knifehead comes by and squishes Robotnik underfoot. Grimace and Twilight head for Ronald McDonald Hell as fast as they can, with Robotnik in hot pursuit.

Finally, they make it to RMDH, and just in time, too! They get the decorations set up, and the party can finally start. However, Robotnik arrives and manages to enact his revenge by stealing all the presents! Grimace and the Soviet Ronalds chase him, but Robotnik is too fast (for a fat guy). But Grimace manages to stop Robotnik by giving him a present; an exploding Happy Meal! This sends Robotnik flying out of Ronald McDonald Hell, and the Soviet Ronalds congratulate him for stopping Robotnik and saving the presents. Now the Christmas party can go full swing!


  • Grimace: everybody's favorite testicle and protagonist of the special.
  • Ronald McDonald: the INSANE clown commander of the Soviet Ronalds.
  • Wario: the burger eating fatso. He provides food for the party.
  • King Dedede: the Soviet Ronalds 2nd in command. He provides presents for the party.
  • Donkey Kong: the banana eating ape. He provides food (just like Wario).
  • Twilight Sparkle: a Unicorn pony who helps out Grimace.
  • Pinkie Pie: a fun-loving pony. She helps set up the party.
  • Knifehead: a Kaiju who is very scary.
  • Dr. Robotnik: the main antagonist of the special. He wants to ruin the Soviet Ronalds Christmas party.

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