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Everybody Loves Grimace (Movie Series) is a film trilogy based off of the television show that airs on the RMDH Channel. The movies center around Grimace and the Soviet Ronalds as they protect Ronald McDonald Hell from various threats (Dr. Robotnik, Colonel Sanders, and The Great Brat King). The films are highly successful in their theatrical releases and a marathon was shown on the RMDH Channel featuring all 3 films.



  • The original plot of EBLG: The Movie II was suppost to be about the war on the Youtube Poop Wiki between SVG. Also, Eric Matthews and Tomo Takino were said to be in the film, but were not.
  • In the films, King Dedede sometimes gets his ass handed to him. That all changed in EBLG: The Movie III.
  • The 3rd movie also was the set an EBLG show called "The Firey Burger Saga".