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I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE is a furfag fanboy with an over inflated ego with nothing better to do than create a series of horrid mutations of Chincherrinas's work.


I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE is a skinny and probably sexually confused teenager whose most prominent (and most obvious) obsession is Amy Rose. He always uses her as an avatar on any website he joins, typically with a drawing or screenshot of her that matches his current mood.




Captain Sea CucumberEdit

He first showed his creepy mug on YouTube Poop Wiki in early August 2012 where he declared his lust for a 12 year old pink animal. He became part of the fanboy stampede of The Frollo Show and Smash Bros. Lawl until AwesomeSeaCucumber blanked the wiki. Instead of contacting the staff or trying to reason with ASC, ILAR and his friends officially declared YTP Wiki RUINED and announced it on YouTube (like anyone there knows who the fuck CSC is).

The Lawl BrawlEdit

A while later when things finally settled down, IFUCKAMYROSE returned to once again to graze the manure field with his friends. All he seemed interested in doing was promoting himself and his friends while making a few pointless edits here and there. The glory days ended when ColonelFail got fed with this and banned all content involving Lawl spinoffs. ILAR didn't edit very often after that since inflating his ego is now against the rules on YTP Wiki.

The Amy Rose WarEdit

DiaryDiarrheaDiorama, the one responsible for wiping Jon's hard drive, rewrote the Amy Rose page in an "offensive" way. Jon finally saw this a few weeks later and started an edit war with his sworn enemy. ColonelFail saw this and, after constantly restoring the page, tried to reason with the raging furry, but even after being threatened with a block, Jon wouldn't surrender. After the page was locked, he called DDD a chickenfucker and left the wiki forever.

Trivia/Fun FactsEdit

  • He often pairs Amy Rose with Gaston. He even made a DeviantART group of the pairing!
  • He once went on a rampage after seeing "Dexter's Rude Removal", claiming his childhood was ruined. Ironically, he said this while posting more rule 34 of Amy Rose.


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