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King Dedede is the super fat penguin ruler of Dreamland and Ronald McDonald's freind. He carries a big hammer that he kills his rivals with, he can inhale things into his mouth, and HATES the Brat Family. He is the 2nd in command for the The Soviet Ronalds.


King Dedede was born King Dilbert Dedede in 1980. Young Dilbert Dedede never knew his father because he was eaten by an orca when Dedede was 3. He lived in his mother's basement until he was 16. Dedede was crowned ruler of Dreamland at that age, but he was a bit greedy. He liked to go to McDonalds alot, but one time when Dedede was 23, he had ordered a Super Sized Meal, not knowing that McDonalds was still serving breakfast.

Dedede was furious. He wanted his Super Sized Meal now, and he soon got it. Another time when he got pissed going to McDonalds was when the line was backed up because that retarded Elmo couldnt decide what he wanted. After waiting in line for a micro second, Dedede did his Super Dedede Jump and killed Elmo, so he could get his meal.

When Dedede met Ronald McDonald, the 2 got along. Every night, Dedede would sneek out of the house to see Ronald. Dedede even made up a special move called "The Big Gay Dance" when he felt insane enough. When the Soviet Ronalds were formed, Dedede was marked 2nd in Command. He even faced off with Dr. Robotnik in "Robotnik waches TV". King Dedede is 31 years old.


  • He is from Texas.
  • His favorite song is "The Big Gay Dance!"
  • He has a gay servant named Meta Knight.