This is a list of episodes of the RMDH Channel series The Adamfu Show.

Season 1Edit

Pilot: Adamfu attempts to cause trouble when he discovers that his enemy is Jewish. 1st appearance of Adamfu, MilezTailzPrower, Adam9812, and Bramblenose.

Episode 1: Adamfu decides that he needs allies to defeat Milez and decides to enlist in The AwesomeSeaCucumber Army, but is promptly shown the door. He meets Hitler who wants to take over the team of annoying characters, and the two become friends thanks to their mutual hatred of Jews. 1st appearance of Hitler.

Episode 2: Hitler introduces Adam to his mischeivous general, Hermann Fegelein. Together, they attempt to revive the Nazi party so they can kill Milez. 1sy appearance of Fegelein

Episode 3: Adam, Hitler, and Fegelein get help from Colonel Sanders when they discover that Milez and his friends have allied with the Soviet Ronalds. Colonel Sanders accepts their help and they all put their heads together to destroy their enemies. 1st appearance of Colonel Sanders.

Episode 4: When the team thinks they are ready, they launch a full scale attack on Ronald McDonald Hell, however, they are very short handed and lose quickly. 1st appearance of Ronald McDonald.

Episode 5: While they are recovering, they are approached by AwesomeSeaCucumber who allows them to fight alongside a new team of his if they help him overthrow the current leader of his old one. 1st appearance of AwesomeSeaCucumber, the main antagonist of the series.'

Episode 6: Adamfu decides to take down one of Milez's closest friends and his wiki. 1st appearance of Doodledoug3212.

Episode 7: Adamfu holds a Mien Kunf giveaway.

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