This is a list of episodes of the new RMDH Channel series Sheen Estevez & Baby Peach.

Season 1Edit

Pilot: "The Good Times Begin!" Summary: When Mario and Peach go on a date, they hire Sheen Estevez to babysit their daughter. 1st appearance of Baby Peach, Sheen Estevez, Mario, Peach, and Baby Mario.

Episode 1: "Robo-Fiend Attacks!" Summary: While Baby Peach and Sheen are hanging out, they are ambushed by an evil robot and his pony assistant. 1st appearance of Robo-Fiend and Queen Chrysalis, the main antagonists of the series.

Episode 2: "Baby Peach and Sheen Vs. Sofia the First" Summary: Baby Peach's arch-rival drops by to annoy her, but Sheen will not allow it. Guest appearance by Sofia the First.

Episode 3: "Ultra Lord Mega Battle!" Summary: Sheen takes Baby Peach into his favorite video game, where they team up with Sheen's idol. 1st appearance of Ultra Lord.

Episode 4: "To Jimmy's Lab!" Summary: Sheen takes Baby Peach to his friend's laboratory, where she meets Jimmy and Carl. Guest appearance by Jimmy Neutron, Carl Wheezer, and Goddard.

Episode 5: "A Trip to the Pet Store" Summary: Sheen and Baby Peach head to a pet store to check out the pets, but Robo-Fiend and Chrysalis are not far behind. Guest appearance by Chi the Kitten.

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