This is a list of episodes of the hit RMDH Channel series The Super Waluigi WAAAAA Show!

Season 1Edit

Pilot: "The WAAAAA Begins!" Summary: Wario helps Waluigi prep up for his date with Sailor Venus. 1st appearance of Waluigi, Wario, and Sailor Venus.

Episode 1: "Expecting Something Different? Too Bad, Waluigi Time!" Summary: Waluigi throws a WAA-tastic party and invites the Soviet Yoshis and the Soviet Ronalds. 1st appearance of the Soviet Yoshis and the Soviet Ronalds.

Episode 2: "Waluigi Kart 7?" Summary: Metal Mario challenges Waluigi to a race around Waluigi Pinball. 1st appearance of Metal Mario.

Episode 3: "Luna in Need" Summary: Princess Luna is under attack by Brony Drew Pickles, so Waluigi must protect her at all costs. 1st appearance of Princess Luna and guest appearance by Brony Drew Pickles.

Episode 4: "SKODWARDE Unleashed!" Summary: A certain evil octopus kidnaps Sailor Venus, so Waluigi must go and rescue her. 1st appearance of SKODWARDE.

Episode 5: "The Brony Within" Summary: Waluigi tries to convince Wario to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He doesn't cooperate. This is based off of the lost Everybody Loves Grimace episode "Inner Brony".

Episode 6: "Mama Waluigi" Summary: When Sweetie Belle is convinced Waluigi is her mother, Waluigi must enlist the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders to snap her out of it. 1st appearance of Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo.

Episode 7: "Klash of the Kaiju!" Summary: WaluigiLand gets an invasion of several giant monsters who try to make peace with Waluigi. Guest appearance of Predaking, Gamera, Godzilla, Knifehead, Leatherback, and Otachi.

Episode 8: "DJ 2 For You" Summary: Waluigi takes on an old rival of his. 1st appearance of DJ 2.

Episode 9: "Expecting Waluigi? Too Bad, Elmo Time!" Summary: Elmo and his pathetic buddies start causing trouble in WaluigiLand, so Waluigi gets the Soviet Yoshis to stop them. 1st appearance of Elmo, Flapjack, Olimar, and Chowder.

Episode 10: "Raiders of the Lost WAA" Summary: When SKODWARDE steals their tennis racket and bananas, Waluigi and Diddy Kong must go on an epic quest to retrieve them. 1st appearance of Diddy Kong.

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