Luigi VS Molestia is a new show on The RMDH Channel. It revolves around Luigi, who has ended up in Equestria, only to be stalked by Princess Molestia. New episodes every Friday night!



  • Luigi: An Italian plumber and the main protagonist. He tries to avoid being raped by Molestia.
  • Mario: Luigi's brother who tries to assist him in escaping Molestia's clutches.
  • Princess Molestia: A horny pony and the main antagonist of the show. She plans on capturing Luigi and banging him.
  • Brony Drew Pickles: a horrendous clone of the gayest man in the world and Molestia's sidekick/sex slave.


  • Baby Daisy: Luigi's adorable daughter who also tries to avoid getting caught by Molestia.
  • Apple Bloom: The leader of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Applejack's little sister. Molestia wants to rape her and her friends.
  • Sweetie Belle: Rarity's little sister and one of Molestia's victims.
  • Scootaloo: A young Pegasus and another one of Molestia's targets.
  • Princess Celestia: The ruler of Equestria who wants to stop her perverted counterpart from raping Luigi.


See List of episodes of Luigi VS Molestia.


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