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The Mario Head (also known as Mario's Head, Floating Mario Head, Crazy Mario Head, Mariocise, or Peek-a-boo!) is a crazy, disembodied Mario head who loves being crazy! His sheer insanity put him within the ranks of the

Life StoryEdit

The Mario Head wasn't always a floating head. He was a normal Mario who could FINALLY MOVE ON THE GROUND! He went to Bowser's secret Tunnel of-a Doom, where he found things that were Very Scary. He found a Nice Computer and on the screen was the infamous Scary Maze Game. As the Mario played it, he finally reached the Intermediate Level (or basically, the 3rd level) where he got so scared, he didn't know that an axe was behind him!

The axe snuck up behind the Mario, and chopped his head off! But then, with the power of Pizza Pie, his head began to Mariocise, and did things the axe couldn't do, like Do Impressions of American Advertizing, of better, Sing a Song for You! The new Mario Head then defeated the axe and was able to fly out of the Tunnel of-a Doom.

He then came across an Insane clown named Ronald McDonald, who had the power of Ran Ran Ruu. He then gave the Mario Head a Nice Computer with a Keyboard, and was sucked into a game called Mario Teaches Typing, where he would teach children how to type!

Mario Head, after being in the game for so long, realized he has No Body! So he broke the 4th Wall and flew out the Computer to find it. But insted, he took the Tunnel enterance of Ronald McDonald Hell, where he found a Secret Treasure down there. He gave it to Ronald, where that Head was promoted to Treasurer of the Soviet Ronalds! He was so happy, he became Light Headed! MMMMMMMMM.


  • Flying for you
  • Moving on the ground
  • Mariocise
  • Drinkie
  • Drinking and eating pizza pies
  • Computers
  • Singing songs for you
  • Life Alert
  • A big Pizza Pie


  • Getting something in his eye
  • Dr. Robotnik
  • Wario
  • Cats
  • Weegee
  • Swearing (sometimes)
  • Not giving him a computer
  • When you call him FIDGHKJSGWHASJSJDEIHE!
  • The Tunnel-of-a-Doom (it's very scary!)


  • "Say, Imma thirsty, you got something to drinkie?"
  • "Can I singasong for you?"
  • "Peek-a-boo!"
  • "Bye-Bye!"
  • "Hey, where is everybody?"
  • "I've-a fallen, and I can't get up! That is my impression of an American advertising. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you."
  • "Hey Stinky!"

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