Mario Kart Wii Countries is a project by Doodledoug3212 in which the characters of Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7, and Mario Super Sluggers represent different countries of the world. Leave a comment below and tell me which characters should represent different countries and if my personal suggestions are good.

Mario Kart WiiEdit

  • Mario- Italy
  • Luigi- France
  • Peach- Denmark
  • Daisy- Scotland
  • Yoshi- Greece
  • Birdo- Turkey
  • Diddy Kong- India
  • Bowser Jr.- Brazil
  • Baby Mario- England
  • Baby Luigi- Canada
  • Baby Peach- Austria
  • Baby Daisy- Ireland
  • Toad- Belgium
  • Toadette- Netherlands
  • Koopa Troopa- South Africa
  • Dry Bones- Ukraine
  • Wario- Germany
  • Waluigi- Mexico
  • Donkey Kong- Congo
  • Bowser- Portugal
  • King Boo- Romania
  • Rosalina- Finland
  • Funky Kong- Australia
  • Dry Bowser- Spain
  • Mii- Japan

Mario Kart 7Edit

  • Shy Guy- Saudi Arabia
  • Metal Mario- Russia
  • Honey Queen- Sweden
  • Wiggler- Norway
  • Lakitu- Croatia

Mario Super SluggersEdit

  • Pianta- Fiji
  • Noki- Bahamas
  • Baby Donkey Kong- China
  • Tiny Kong- United States
  • Dixie Kong- Haiti
  • King K. Rool- Egypt
  • Kritter- Kenya
  • Petey Piranha- Jamaica
  • Koopa Paratroopa- Argentina
  • Goomba- Venezuela
  • Paragoomba- Peru
  • Magikoopa- Hungary
  • Hammer Bro.- New Zealand
  • Boo- Poland
  • Monty Mole- Switzerland
  • Blooper- Phillippines


  • Donkey Kong Jr.- Thailand
  • R.O.B.- South Korea

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