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Nappa is a retarded Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z Kai. Nappa is the weakest man like person the universe has created. Thankfully, Vegeta killed Nappa with his fists. Nappa is also incredibly stupid and is also in The Barney Bunch.


He spent most of his life eating shit from Dairy Queen, playing Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots, and avoiding Barney the Dinosaur. He never trained but was apparently stronger than the dick Raditz. Nappa blew up multiple cities with his pinkie (no, not that Pinkie). Unfortunately, he contracted diabetes from eating ice cream all the freaking time.

Power LevelEdit

Under 4,000 or 3,000. It's NOT over 9000. Nappa's power would be higher if he didn't eat a jumbo burger every 2 and a half minutes.


  • Nappa takes steroids on a regular basis, but it only makes him look fatter and uglier.
  • He listens to Miley Cyrus 24/7.
  • His dick is the size of a Smurf, maybe even smaller.
  • Nappa had luscious hair once but it fell off because he was a major dick.
  • Despite being in the Bunch, Nappa had a paralyzing fear of Barney as a kid. He thought that Barney would do some very NSFW things to him....


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