File:Nigel You're On Air

Nigel Thornberry is a nature show host who is very SMASHING! He has his own TV show (which airs on the RMDH Channel) where he goes around and finds animals in his usual SMASHING way. He has become a popular meme where his face is on almost everything.


  • Being SMASHING!
  • Tito
  • Eating feces (it's a fetish he picked up while being with the Barney Bunch)
  • Doing this with his hands
  • Blarghhagharnargh!
  • Ponies (he thinks they are SMASHING)
  • Dugongs
  • Rarity (favorite pony)
  • Steven Magnet


  • When people confuse dugongs with mermaids
  • The Brat Family
  • Flapjack (he constantly annoys Nigel with ADVENTURE!!!!!!)

SMASHING GalleryEdit

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