The Pube Muppet is a long lost Muppet who is a popular meme among the Speakonia community. He is the 1st member of the Pubic Family, a group of sexually desirable Muppets. Pubey's goal in life is to get sexual satisfaction, but his plans to do so are usually foiled in a humiliating way. He is one of Drew Pickles' rivals, but allied with the Barney Bunch and Yogi Bear inorder to take down the Humongous Bunch.


  • Sexual Satisfaction
  • Glorious pain inflicted onto his penis
  • Going to places to get sexual satisfaction
  • Dildos


  • Drew Pickles (mortal enemy)
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (because of all the female ponies!)
  • Not getting sexual satisfaction!
  • Piece of shit Establishments


  • Pube Cookie Monster (father)
  • Pube Puppy (pet)
  • Pube Nerd (brother)
  • Pube Beaker (brother)
  • Pube Gonzo (brother)
  • Pube Swedish Chef (brother)
  • Pube Fozzie (brother)
  • Pube Animal (brother)
  • Pube Elmo (long lost cousin twice removed)

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