Ronald McDonald's INSANITY Test! is a game show on the RMDH Channel and the 1st game show on the channel. It's hosted by everyone's favorite INSANE clown as he shows challengers things to do in order to win unlimited Happy Meals!


  • Name that Pony!: a fairly easy challenge. A pony will show up on the screen, and you have to guess who it is.
  • Grimace Toss: challengers throw miniature Grimaces into goalies.
  • Burger Munching: fairly simple; eat all the burgers you can!
  • Eat More Than Wario and DK!: a very hard challenge, you must eat more food than Wario and Donkey Kong in less than 2 minutes.
  • INSANITY Exam: a massive course and the hardest challenge yet.

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