Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game 2 is the sequel to the best-selling hit Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game. It was released for the Drewtendo Wii-nar U and Drewtendo 3DS and received SMASHING reviews.

Confirmed CharactersEdit

Ronald McDonald. Power level- Balanced

Moves: Hambuga Throw, Skateboard, Clown Stomp, Bench Jump. Final Smash: RAN RAN RUU! (Ronald does his famous "Ran Ran Ruu" attack, damaging players)

Grimace. Power level- Balanced

Moves: Testicle Roll, Cum Barf, Evil Grimace, Balloon Ballz. Final Smash: Butt Blast (Grimace shoots a massive laser from his ass)

King Dedede. Power level- Strong

Moves: (same as previous games) Final Smash: Big Gay Dance (Dedede does a dance that sends in an army of Waddle Dees)

Wario. Power level- Strong

Moves: (same as previous games) Final Smash: Wario Man (Wario eats a burger and turns into his superhero alter-ego)

Shy Guy. Power level- Balanced

Moves: Spear Toss, Stilt Walk, Fly Guy, Tennis Smash. Final Smash: Tribal Dance (Shy Guy dons a hula skirt and spear and performs a dance that damages players)

Donkey Kong. Power level- Strong

Moves: (Same as previous games). Final Smash: Konga Beat (DK grabs his bongos and proceeds to play a song)

Pinkie Pie (New). Power level- Balanced

Moves: Party Cannon, Cupcake Throw, Balloon Lift, Gummy. Final Smash: Pinkamena Diane Pie (Pinkie turns into her evil counterpart and begins damaging players with killer cupcakes)

Twilight Sparkle (New). Power level- Balanced

Moves: Magic Wand, Horn Dash, Solar Being, Friendship Surprise. Final Smash: Elements of Harmony (Twilight gathers her pony friends and uses the Elements on players)

Metal Mario (New). Power level- Strong

Moves: Drug-Up Mushroom, Crack Pack, Wing Cap, Weed Smoke. Final Smash: Drug Overdose (Metal Mario ODs on all sorts of drugs to increase his attacks)

Squidward Tentacles (New). Power level- Balanced

Moves: Clarinet Blast, Pizza Slam, Tentacle Slap, Krabby Patty Toss. Final Smash: Sour Note (Squidward transforms into his superhero alter-ego and plays his clarinet, causing his opponents to fall asleep. Similar to Peach's Final Smash)

Sweetie Belle (New). Power level- Neutral

Moves: Cutie Mark Crusaders, Ice Cream Spin, Power Tears, Unicorn Kick. Final Smash: Sweetie Bot (Sweetie Belle uses the Allspark to tun into her robotic alter ego. Similar to Wario Man)

Colonel Sanders. Power level- Balanced.

Moves: Killer Cane, Chicken Chop, Bucket Bounce, Herbs and Spices. Final Smash: Colonel's Special (The Colonel prepares 2 drumsticks and uses them as melee weapons)

Discord (New). Power Level- Strong

Moves: Slash, Chaotic Blast, Chocholate Rain, Morph. Final Smash: Discord's Surprise (Discord warps the stage with his chaotic powers)

Comfirmed Assist TrophiesEdit

Rainbow Dash: The awesome Pegasus pony. She flies at supersonic speeds, damaging players.

Fluttershy (New): The animal-loving Pegasus pony. Turns into the Saddle Rager, dealing massive damage to players.

Grimlock (New): The mighty Dinobot leader. Goes in either T-Rex or robot mode, attacking players.

SKODWARDE (New): The demonic octopus. Uses his evil powers to wipe out the opposition.

Johnny Test (New): The annoying science kid. Uses his fart clouds to push players off the stage. Similar to Issac in Brawl.

Tails (New): The alcoholic fox. Slows down time, causing players to move slower and act weirder. Similar to Shadow.

Confirmed StagesEdit

  • Ronald McDonald Hell
  • Ponyville
  • Yoshi's Island
  • Barney Bunch Stadium
  • Elmo's World
  • CWCville
  • DK Jungle (New)
  • Troll Towers (New)
  • Grimace Circuit (New)
  • Autobots HQ (New)
  • Animal Jam Party (New)
  • Ruunbow Road (New)
  • Stanley's Clubhouse (New)
  • The Cloudoseum (New)
  • Hong Kong/Tokyo (New)
  • Bikini Bottom (New)


The game will feature some boss fights as well.

  • Betty DeVille
  • Fatty Bear
  • Burger King
  • King K. Rool
  • Plankton
  • Slattern
  • Master Hand
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Dr. Neo Cortex
  • Tirek

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