Sheen Estevez & Baby Peach is a new show on The RMDH Channel and successor to Baby Daisy & Mr. Krabs. It involves Baby Peach and her babysitter Sheen Estevez as they go on many misadventures together.



  • Baby Peach- A young princess and the main protagonist of the show.
  • Sheen Estevez- A teenager who is Baby Peach's babysitter and the second main protagonist. His love for Ultra Lord can often blind him in certain situations.
  • Baby Daisy- Baby Peach's best friend and sister who appears every now and then.
  • DJ 2- An epic koala bear who is friends with Baby Peach.
  • Ultra Lord- Sheen's favorite superhero. He makes occasional appearances.
  • Robo-Fiend- A robot who is the main antagonist of the show. He tries to ruin Baby Peach and Sheen's fun.
  • Queen Chrysalis- The evil ruler of the Changelings who is the second main antagonist of the show.


  • Mario- An awesome plumber who is Baby Peach's father.
  • Princess Peach- The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and Baby Peach's mother.
  • Baby Mario- Mario and Peach's son and Baby Peach's brother.
  • Jimmy Neutron- An inventor and one of Sheen's best friends.
  • Carl Wheezer- A nerd who is one of Sheen's best friends.
  • Rainbow Dash- A super fast pony who appears here and there. Sheen likes her but Baby Peach doesn't.


See List of episodes of Sheen Estevez & Baby Peach.

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