Soviet Ronalds 3: Rise Of AwesomeSeaCucumber is the third game in the SMASHING Soviet Ronalds series. It was made for the Drewtendo Wii-nar and Gaystation 3 and was met with very positive reviews. Its also has the most playable characters in any of the series.


In 2015, The Soviet Ronalds are enjoying the peace when they are confronted by AwesomeSeaCucumber and his evil army. Ronald McDonald and his friends must now journey through several worlds to defeat AwesomeSeaCucumber and keep the peace in Ronald McDonald Hell once and for all.



  1. Ronald McDonald
  2. King Dedede
  3. Grimace
  4. Wario
  5. Donkey Kong
  6. Shy Guy
  7. Mario Head
  8. Drew Pickles
  9. Chocodooby
  10. Nigel Thornberry
  11. Knifehead
  12. Twilight Sparkle
  13. Pinkie Pie
  14. Predaking
  15. Barney*
  16. Dick the Clown*
  17. Metal Mario*
  18. Tito*
  19. Squidward Tentacles*
  20. Optimus Prime*
  21. Megatron*
  22. Rainbow Dash*
  23. Princess Celestia*
  24. Leatherback*
  25. Otachi*
  26. Hamburglar*
  27. Birdie the Early Bird*
  28. Scary Ronald*
  29. Sweetie Belle*
  30. Elmo**
  31. Fatty Bear**
  32. Colonel Sanders**

New Character*

Unlockable Character**


The game features many new bosses.

  1. Tomo Takino
  2. Groose
  3. Eric Matthews
  4. Navi
  5. Spinda
  6. Espurr
  7. Duster
  8. Suiseiseki
  9. AwesomeSeaCucumber

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