Soviet Ronalds Unleashed is an series on The RMDH Channel. It focuses on The Soviet Ronalds and their many adventures in Ronald McDonald Hell. Think of it as sort of a successor to Everybody Loves Grimace. The series is also followed by a movie and a game.



  • Ronald McDonald- The INSANE leader of the Soviet Ronalds and an uber-pedophile clown. He is the main protagonist of the show.
  • Grimace- Barney the Dinosaur's living testicle and Ronald McDonald's best friend. He was the star of EBLG.
  • King Dedede- A fat, Texan penguin who wants to take over Dream Land. He is the 2nd-in-command of the Soviet Ronalds.
  • Wario- The super fat Italian treasure hunter who loves hamburgers.
  • Shy Guy- A badass dude with a mask who hates Yoshi for some reason.
  • Donkey Kong- The super fat banana-eating ape. He hangs out with Wario.
  • Stanley the Troll- A drug-addicted troll from Central Park. He likes to get high with his buddies Metal Mario and Rabbit.
  • Metal Mario- A metallic, drug-addicted plumber who has an on/off rivalry with Waluigi.
  • Tito: a Hawaiian bartender who serves drinks at Ronald's Party Hut.
  • Twilight Sparkle- A unicorn pony who loves to read.
  • Pinkie Pie- A hilarious, fun-loving pony.
  • Sweetie Belle- A young unicorn pony who is the youngest member of the Soviet Ronalds.
  • Lyra Heartstrings- A pony who likes studying humans and their culture.
  • Insane Woody- a crazy cowboy doll who loves INSANITY!
  • Vinyl Scratch: A unicorn pony who is the DJ at Ronald's Party Hut.
  • Mario Head- An INSANE, floating head of Mario who loves nonsense and pizza pies.
  • Chocodooby- A creepy egg guy who is weird.
  • The Soviet Yoshis- The ally group of the Soviet Ronalds led by Yoshi.
  • Colonel Sanders- Founder of KFC and Ronald's eternal foe. He is the main antagonist of the series.
  • Burger King- The mascot of the restaurant that bears his name and Ronald's 2nd eternal foe. He becomes a major player in Season 5.


  • Princess Celestia: The ruler of Equestria and Ronald's secret crush.
  • Princess Luna: Celestia's sister who often drops by RMDH to visit
  • DJ 2- A badass koala who occassionally appears to join the Soviet Yoshis in helping the Soviet Ronalds.
  • Drew Pickles- The gayest man in the universe and the leader of The Barney Bunch.
  • Pedo Bear- A pedophilic bear who comes to RMDH to harass Sweetie Belle and other children.
  • Elmo- A furry red faggot who is in the Barney Bunch. In every episode he appears in, he gets killed brutally.
  • Flapjack- An annoying sailor kid who loves to go on ADVENTURES!
  • Olimar- A midget spaceman who is very, very pathetic.
  • Chowder- An ugly animal who wants to become a chef.
  • Predaking- The leader of the Predacons. He often makes cameos.
  • Knifehead- A Kaiju who destroys everything.
  • Godzilla- A giant Kaiju who destroys stuff.
  • Rainbow Dash- A pony whose super fast speed and colors give some people SeIzUrEs!
  • Trixie- A boastful magician who has an on/off rivalry with the Soviet Ronalds.
  • Dr. Robotnik- an old foe of the Soviet Ronalds who attempts to make peace with them.
  • Megatron- The Decepticon leader who is secretly a brony. He drops by RMDH sometimes.


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