Soviet Ronalds Unleashed: Insane Anniversary Special is a special on The RMDH Channel. It focuses on the 3rd anniversary of the forming of The Soviet Ronalds, and is also based off of an episode of Soviet Ronalds Unleashed.


It's the third anniversary since the Soviet Ronalds formed in 2011, and everyone is very excited. To celebrate, they throw a massive anniversary party, with Pinkie Pie and King Dedede bringing supplies and decorations, Wario and Donkey Kong buying food for the party, and everyone else preparing for the big event. Little do they know that a certain chicken-loving fiend is watching...

Ronald decides to invite his best friend Discord, his girlfriend Celestia, and even Yoshi and Drew Pickles to the big event. Eventually, Ronald gets the party started, and everyone (especially Sweetie Belle) is ready to get going. It is then that (guess who!) Colonel Sanders arrives on the scene, threatening to destroy the party.

Taking no prisoners, Ronald sends his allies to attack the Colonel, but they are no match for his chicken prowess. Just when it seems all is lost, Sweetie Belle transforms into her alter-ego Sweetie Bot, and FIRES HER LAZAR at the Colonel, sending him flying out of RMDH!

With the Colonel vanquished from RMDH once more, the anniversary party kicks in full swing, with everyone reminiscing about the good times they all had together over the past 3 years!



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