Soviet Ronalds Unleashed: The Game is a swell new game from Drewtendo based on the hit RMDH Channel TV series. It was released on the Wii-nar U, Gaystation 4, and Sexx Box One.


When Princess Celestia and Princess Luna visit Ronald McDonald Hell for the annual McDonalds celebration, Colonel Sanders arrives with some other baddies and threatens to take down the celebration. So Ronald McDonald and his INSANE group go to stop the Colonel from causing anymore harm to RMDH.



Each playable character has a special move.

  1. Ronald McDonald. Special Move: Ran Ran Ruu
  2. King Dedede. Special Move: Big Gay Dance
  3. Grimace. Special Move: Testicular Roll
  4. Wario. Special Move: Devour
  5. Donkey Kong. Special Move: Banana Slamma
  6. Shy Guy. Special Move: Tribal Dance
  7. Knifehead. Special Move: Mutilate
  8. Twilight Sparkle. Special Move: Magic
  9. Nigel Thornberry. Special Move: BLAAARGHAAARGH!
  10. Chocodooby. Special Move: Doubly Chocodooby
  11. Stanley the Troll. Special Move: Weed Smoke
  12. Predaking*. Special Move: Predacon Pwnage
  13. Hamburglar*. Special Move: ROBBLE ROBBLE ROBBLE!!!
  14. Mr. Gus*. Special Move: Flame Breath
  15. Metal Mario*. Special Move: Drug Up
  16. Rabbit*. Special Move: Meth Carrot
  17. Squidward Tentacles*. Special Move: Squidcox
  18. Leatherback*. Special Move: Electrical Pulse
  19. Otachi*. Special Move: Acidic Spray
  20. Tito*. Special Move: Hawaiian Waves
  21. Iron Will*. Special Move: Tough Talk
  22. Pinkie Pie*. Special Move: Cupcake Counterattack
  23. Sweetie Belle*. Special Move: Cutie Mark Crusaders GO!
  24. Vinyl Scratch*. Special Move: Bass Cannon
  25. Godzilla**. Special Move: Atomic Breath
  26. Drew Pickles**. Special Move: Speed Rape
  27. Princess Celestia**. Special Move: Celestial Blast
  28. Princess Luna**. Special Move: Nightmare Night
  29. Sammy t3h Snake**. Special Move: 1337 LAZAR!
  30. Yoshi**. Special Move: Super Dragon
  • Unlockable Character
    • Downloadable Content



The game has 7 bosses.

  1. Elmo
  2. Olimar
  3. Pedo Bear
  4. Weegee
  6. Queen Chrysalis
  7. Colonel Sanders

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