Steve and Derpy's Background Antics is a new series on the RMDH Channel. It stars Vehicon Steve and Derpy Hooves as they do random things, all while no one noticing.



  • Vehicon Steve: an average Decepticon who is never noticed by anyone other than his friends and fans.
  • Derpy Hooves: a crossed-eyed Pegasus pony who likes muffins. She hangs out with Steve.
  • Vehicon Frank: Steve's only friend other than Derpy. He can fly, while Steve can drive.
  • Megatron: the Decepticon leader who happens to be a brony. He constantly watches over Steve.
  • Starscream: the Decepticon air commander. Steve has a fond side to him.
  • Princess Molestia: the rapist version of Celestia and main antagonist. She wants to rape both Steve and Derpy (and even Megs!)


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