The AwesomeSeaCucumber Show is a shitty program that airs on The EW Channel. It involves that butthurt nutcase of a troll himself, AwesomeSeaCucumber and his many misadventures in AwesomeSeaCucumber Hell. The show only lasted 2 seasons.



  • AwesomeSeaCucumber- The main protagonist of the show, a butthurt, persistent troll who thinks everything is about himself.
  • Suiseiseki- The love of ASC's life, she is the most evil being on the planet who loves spamming "Desu" desu.
  • Tomo Takino- An illegal Mexican immigrant of Japanese descent with a juice fetish.
  • Eric Matthews- A man with serious anger management issues.
  • Elmo- A furry red Muppet from the sister program Everybody Hates Elmo. He is rarely seen on the show.
  • Navi- An annoying fairy who loves spamming "HEY LISTEN!".
  • Spinda- An annoying Pokemon who PenisSpermCucumber is obsessed with.
  • The AwesomeSeaCucumber Army- ASC's army of retarded characters.
  • Doodledoug3212- The main antagonist of the show, a far superior Wikian who hates ASC's guts.
  • RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald- Doodledoug's INSANE sidekick and a Barney Bunch fanboy.
  • DJ 2- A badass koala from Animal Jam. He likes to kick Cucumber's ass!



See List of episodes of The AwesomeSeaCucumber Show.

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