The Barney Bunch are a group of the swellest faggots on the planet. They are led by the one and only Drew Pickles and specialize in rape romp origies and other gay things. Their headquarters are in Drewland.




How to join the Barney BunchEdit

There are some steps to follow in order to join the Barney Bunch.

  1. 1st of all, you must be gay. If you are straight, go see Drew Pickles.
  2. Women are NOT allowed. They must join The Betty Bunch instead.
  3. Attend a Barney Bunch rape romp orgy.
  4. Survive a speed rape from Drew Pickles (if you are straight, a rape from Drew will make you gay).
  5. Have Elmo tickle your testicles.
  6. Shove dildus up your bum.

And there you go! Follow these steps and your on the way of being a Barney Bunch member!

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