The Barney Bunch Show of Swellness is a super swell show starring Drew Pickles and The Barney Bunch. It airs on The RMDH Channel and lasted 69 (hemoha 69) episodes!




  • Grimace- Barney's living testicle. He is also the star of Everybody Loves Grimace.
  • Chaz Finster- Drew's best butt buddy who gets dildos shoved up his ass all the time.
  • Elmo- The furry red faggot who gets raped in many episodes.
  • Arthur Read- A homosexual aardvark who beat the living shit out of his sister, D.W. for being in the Betty Bunch.
  • Buster Baxter- A rabbit who is Arthur's best friend and uses his ears as dildos.
  • The Wiggles- Four super swell musicians who provide music for the group.
  • Bob the Builder- A super swell construction worker who is the inventor of the group.
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog- The hugest dog on the planet. He is often the group's transport.
  • Cap'n Crunch- A super swell pirate who makes swell cereal.
  • Skeeter Valentine- A blue faggot who looks like the teenage Drew Pickles.
  • Yogi Bear- The gayest bear around and one of Drew's rivals.
  • Pube Muppet- A hairy frog and member of the Pubic Family. He is also one of Drew's rivals.


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