The Brat Family is a group of Canadian trolls that ruined The YouTube Poop Wiki. Their lulziness destroyed the once peaceful land and drove its inhabitants to madness in a desperate effort to restore it to its former glory!


Other MembersEdit

Wanna Be A Member?Edit

To be a member of the Brat Family, you have to accomplish 10 goals:

  1. You must be Canadian to join the original Brat Family, although there are Brat Families in other countries, too.
  2. You must troll several wikis and spam various pages.
  3. You must be annoying.
  4. You must have a strong hatred for the Youtube Poop Wikians and their interests.
  5. You must be ages 7 and younger to join.
  6. You must survive a marathon of Justin Bieber music videos.
  7. You must have a certain pathetic obsession with something random.
  8. You must be gay, lesbian, or just plain retarded.
  9. You must have former experience as a troll.
  10. You must sign up for an application at Brat Central, the Brat Family's HQ in Toronto, Canada.


  • Most of the members seem to have a certain obsession:
    • The GreatBratKing: Banana bread
    • Shit Norriss: The Canadian accent
    • AwesomeSeaCucumber: Suiseiseki
    • Samus Aranator: Steve
    • Jose Alberto Guy: Jose Alberto
    • LuigiLook: Islam
    • TheStarman: Duster
    • Bill5: Christianity