The Bride King is one of AssholeShitCucumber's retarded henchmen who has some serious anger management issues. This overreactive jerk tends to fall in love with any female chick he sees on the Internet, deeming them his "brides". He is currently retired and living in a dumpster in New Delhi. He is also ugly!


He arrived in late February 2011, starting by spamming different pages with "Gay Princesses". For obvious reasons, Doodledoug3212 decided that he didn't like TBK and called him a faggot. TBK, being the overreactive cunt that he is, decided to RAEG PAEG on Doodledoug's talk page, starting a fierce edit war between them. AwesomeSeaCucumber later tried to reason with them, but since Doodledoug still trusted ASC at this time, TBK left YTP Wiki.

But then, a few days later, The Bitch King returned, this time on good terms with Doodledoug. After Doodledoug was banned, he tried to convince SVG to lift the block, but was unsuccessful.

He became an admin on YTP Wiki along with AwesomeSponge. The Bride Cunt was barely active and did no administrative work. After AwesomeSeaCucumber's rampage, he officially retired from YTP Wiki, and even removed his own admin rights. Good riddance, you sick cock sucker!