The Great Power Struggle was a time of pain, strife, and misery on YouTube Poop Wiki. It marked the end of Doodledoug3212 and RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald's fun and games and the beginning of a dark era. It is the second chapter of the AwesomeSeaCucumber Saga.


In late June 2011, AwesomeSeaCucumber set his grand scheme into motion and called the Wikia staff to grant him admin rights. SVG complied and also sent his henchmen, Techie2013 and D(G) Dragon to ruin the wiki. When The YouTube Poop Wikians saw this, all hell broke loose.

Shit Norriss, Doodledoug3212, LuigiLook, MorshuandUshrom, and RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald, among others, were all banned, but they didn't go down without a fight. Doodledoug kept arguing and fighting with the new admins until he got an even longer ban, Ronald tried to avoid his ban by leaving, and Morshu reasonably pleaded his case. The rest weren't active at the time.

Soon after, it was proposed that YouTube Poop Wiki would be deleted and moved to Wikitubia. The matter was discussed by the new admins on the wiki, and the banned users on Wario Wiki. Due to the negative reaction of the remaining Wikians, the procedure was cancelled and SVG, Techie, and Dragon left the wiki, leaving ASC to begin his horrible reign.

AwesomeSeaCucumber Saga
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The Great Power Struggle
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