The Great Yoshi Edit War was an edit war that took place from late 2010 to early 2011 between Doodledoug3212, and Shit Norriss. Much like DJ 2 Vs. Tomo Takino, it involved constant article rewriting, and is the first chapter of the Doodledoug and RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald Saga.


Once upon a time, before Doodledoug3212 arrived at the YouTube Poop Wiki, Yoshi, one of the many characters considered "FUCKING AWESOME!" by him, was loathed by The YouTube Poop Wikians: by and even his long-time best friend MorshuandUshrom. In November 2010, the Wikia Contributor decided to express his hatred for the character Yoshi by editing his article and turning it into a hate page. He continued adding as much negativity to it as possible, with the other Wikians joining in.

However, everything changed after Doodledoug3212 returned in December. Doodledoug was appalled that one of his favorite video game characters was being bashed on, and decided to take action. He soon started to rewrite the article to the exact opposite of's edits. He began filling the article with Yoshi love pictures. Shit Norriss then came along and undid Doodledoug's edits, just to piss him off. Doodledoug then had a fierce edit war with him and came along and rewrote the page from Doodledoug's edits. Shit Noriss also participated with him. Eventually, Doodledoug added the article to the category "Pages destroyed by The Brat Family". even made a page for Doodledoug3212 to put all the Yoshi love there called "Yoshi (2)" so he could leave the original one a hate page.  After some time, got tired and didn't rewrite the article as frequently as he used to, with Shit Norriss getting the blame for everything by the Wikians. Ever since, the Yoshi hate has simmered down and Doodledoug has become a very well-liked Wikian.


  • Despite Shit Norriss and hating each others' guts, they seemed to have been on each others' side during this event.

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