The Retarded Adventures of Young Link and Dr. Mario is a new TV show on The RMDH Channel. It involves Young Link and his companion, Dr. Mario, as they go on many retarded adventures. New episodes each Friday!



  • Young Link: An annoying kid from Hyrule and the main protagonist of the show. He and Dr. Mario have many retarded adventures together.
  • Dr. Mario: An incompetent doctor version of Mario and the second main protagonist. His incompetence often gets him and Young Link in trouble.
  • Pichu: Young Link and Dr. Mario's friend who occasionally joins our heroic dumbasses.
  • Satan: An evil devil and Dr. Mario's idol. He sends Dr. Mario and Young Link on their retarded journeys.
  • Fluffle Puff: A fluffy pony and the main antagonist. She likes to bounce on rainbows and cause trouble for our heroes.


  • DJ 2: A badass koala bear who sometimes appears to stop Young Link and Dr. Mario.
  • Elmo: The Muppet faggot who always dies.
  • Drew Pickles: The world's most homosexual man.

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