The SKODWARDE Society's Super Show is a new TV series on The RMDH Channel that focuses on The SKODWARDE Society and their evil antics.



  • SKODWARDE: a demonic octopus and the series main "protagonist" (if you want to call him that). He is the leader of the Society and plans on spreading his evil across the universe.
  • MOAR Krabs: a morbid crab who wants so much MOAR in life! He is SKODWARDE's best friend.
  • Frollo: a cruel judge from Notre Dame. He also appears on "The Frollo Show", which the Society likes to watch.
  • Animal Crossing Villager: a psychopathic boy who is mentored by SKODWARDE.
  • King Ghidorah: a 3-headed dragon who is Godzilla's famous rival.
  • Queen Chrysalis: the evil ruler of the Changelings who despises SKODWARDE.
  • King Sombra: an evil unicorn who lives in shadows.
  • Adolf Hitler: an evil German dictator who is friends with Ronald McDonald and hates Fegelien.
  • Suiseiseki: a Rozen Maiden who loves saying "desu" and is AwesomeSeaCucumber's girlfriend desu.
  • Bowser: the dreadful King of the Koopas who has a dislike towards Mario.
  • King K. Rool: a fat crocodile who is ruler of the Kremlings and Donkey Kong's rival.
  • Dr. Eggman: a cruel scientist who despises Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Dr. Neo Cortex: a doctor who has an extreme dislike towards Crash Bandicoot.
  • Aku: an evil demon wizard who has a rivalry with Samurai Jack.
  • Scary Ronald: a terrifying clown who is the main "antagonist" (if you want to call him that) of the series. He is Ronald McDonald's cousin who wants to stop the SKODWARDE Society's evil plans on behalf of his cousin.


  • Princess Luna: the co-ruler of Equestria who use to be in the Society when she was Nightmare Moon, but later quit after turning back to normal.
  • Discord: a mischievous draconequus who was in the Society, but later quit like Luna did.
  • Ronald McDonald: the universe's most INSANE clown and Scary Ronald's cousin. He comes by to help Scary Ronald.
  • Yoshi: a cheerful dinosaur who helps Ronald in stopping SKODWARDE's plans.
  • Drew Pickles: the gayest man on the planet who wants to stop SKODWARDE.
  • Megatron: the Decepticon leader who is secretly a brony.


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