The Super Waluigi WAAAAA Show! is an old TV show that was on the YouTube Poop Wiki. It involves Waluigi as he goes on many wacky adventures in his imaginary kingdom of WaluigiLand. Reruns currently air on The RMDH Channel. It has also gained 2 sequels; The Adventures of Super Waluigi Bros. 3 and Super Waluigi World.



  • Waluigi: An awesome plumber who is the main protagonist of the show.
  • Wario: An obese burger-eating treasure hunter and Waluigi's brother.
  • DJ 2: An epic koala bear from Animal Jam who has a friendly rivalry with Waluigi.
  • Sailor Venus: A sailor from Sailor Moon who is Waluigi's girlfriend.
  • Princess Luna: Waluigi's favorite pony.
  • SKODWARDE: An evil octopus and the main antagonist of the show.


  • Ronald McDonald: The most INSANE clown on earth who occasionally appears to help Waluigi.
  • Yoshi: A badass dinosaur who is the leader of The Soviet Yoshis.
  • Metal Mario: A metallic drug-addicted plumber who has an on/off rivalry with Waluigi.
  • Elmo: The furry red faggot who always dies all the time.
  • Drew Pickles: The world's gayest man who appears from time to time.


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