The YouTube Poop Wiki War is an upcoming movie that will be directed by Doodledoug3212 and produced by RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald and The Masked Pope. It focuses on the war that ravaged YTP Wiki from 2011-2013.



  • Doodledoug3212- The main protagonist of the film who was among the many users banned by AwesomeSeaCucumber.
  • RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald- Doodledoug's INSANE sidekick and a huge Barney Bunch fan. He was one of many users banned.
  • MilezTailzPrower- The current leader of the Wiki who joins forces with Doodledoug and Ronald near the film's climax.
  • The Masked Pope- One of Doodledoug's friends who somehow avoided being banned and tried to make peace with ASC.
  • AwesomeSeaCucumber- The main antagonist for the first half of the film, a persistent troll who started the war and banned much of the active userbase, including Doodledoug, Ronald, and Pope. He later redeems himself.
  • I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE- A furfag who became part of the fanboy stampede of Smash Bros. Lawl.
  • Collaterale1- A manchild who was also a member of Smash Bros. Lawl.
  • DiaryDiarrheaDiorama- The brains behind most of ASC's actions. Is later the true main antagonist.
  • ColonelFail- The new "dictator" of YTP Wiki.
  • SVG: A Wiki "admin" who blocked Doodledoug and helped mutilate the Wiki. Ronald hates him with a passion.


  • Shit Norriss- A Brat Family member who was banned.
  • LuigiLook- Another Brat Family member who got banned.
  • MorshuandUshrom- Another one of Doodledoug's friends who was banned for no good reason.
  • Bangelo510- The first leader of the Wiki who was later banned by ASC.
  • Techie2013: SVG's henchman who (temporarily) banned Ronald and destroyed all the categories and pages.

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