The YTP Wikians are a group of badass teenagers who are the denizens of The Youtube Poop Wiki. These guys love to create epic YTP's and destroy evil trolls who think it's funny to be lulzy.



He was the original founder of the Wiki.


Bangelo510 was the founder of the YTP Wiki along with Southparklover. He arrived in mid 2009 to begin the history of the Wiki. As newer members came to the wiki, they crowned Bangelo as their leader. In 2012, he was banned for no apparent reason during Captain Sea Cucumber's rampage.


See the article Doodledoug3212 for more information.

A somewhat temperamental Wikia contributor. He had a rivalry with Doodledoug.


A helpful Contributor to the Wiki and one of Doodledoug's best friends.


One of Doodledoug's friends. He actually didn't really do anything.

The Bride KingEdit

See the article The Bride King for more information.


See the article RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald for more information.

The Masked PopeEdit

See the article The Masked Pope for more information.

Emil Krebs SorensenEdit

Another one of Doodledoug's friends who arrived in 2011.


He arrived in August 2011 and showed his obsession with Fish Hooks and other random shit. He also got in an edit war with Heart Kick Break.


He arrived to become YTP Wiki's new "dictator" and began deleting various pages.


The current leader of the YTP Wiki and the creator of War of the Squads. See the article MilezTailzPrower for more information.


See the article I0LOVE0AMY0ROSE for more information about this furfag


See the article Collaterale1 for more information about this manchild.