Vegeta is a super saiyan that likes to own people at any cost. He screws up people and kills them with his fists. He has a mega huge power level that can blind you un two seconds. He rapes people in their sleep (so don't go to sleep).
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He watches his own anime and laughs at how he disembowels people. He drinks the blood of his victims. He is said to be half demon and half mechanical. He may also be the brother of Freddy Fazbear. He eats at McDonalds everyday which is why he never unlocked Super Saiyan 5. He killed multiple people including You. He spends everyday stalking You as well.

He played games like Silent Hill, Five Nights at Freddy's, and more. Of course, he never wined like a little bitch at the Jumpscares unlike Goku. Vegeta has kicked Chuck Norris's ass before about 248 times. He owns the Burger King corporation and makes over 9000 for every burger they sell. He is a selfish dick because he never gave any to YOU or anyone else.

True PowerEdit

His power level is said to be at least 68,000 to the tenth power. No one is certain about it. Not even Stephen Hawkings can find it. Only Goku is more powerful than him in SSJ4 form.


He appears in countless abridged versions of Dragon Ball Z. His is mainly famous for "It's Over 9000!". He also appears with Ghost Nappa.

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