Waluigi's WAAAAAAAtastic Movie! is a WAAAAAtastic movie that will be released in Winter 2014. It is Waluigi's 1st movie and involves our hero as he goes on a quest to rescue Sailor Venus from the clutches of SKODWARDE. It is also based off of The Super Waluigi WAAAAA Show!



  • Waluigi: An awesome plumber and the main protagonist of the movie. He goes on a quest to rescue his girlfriend.
  • Wario: A burger-eating treasure hunter and Waluigi's brother who assists Waluigi on his quest.
  • Sailor Venus: A sailor who is Waluigi's girlfriend. She gets kidnapped by SKODWARDE, setting Waluigi's WAAAAAtastic adventure in motion.
  • Princess Luna: A pony who helps Waluigi on his journey.
  • SKODWARDE: A morbid octopus and the main antagonist of the film. He kidnaps Sailor Venus and sets Waluigi's journey into effect.


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