Yoshi's Quiz Show of AWESOMENESS! is a game show on The RMDH Channel that is the sister show to Ronald McDonald's INSANITY Test!. This is Yoshi's first game show and involves many nutty challenges!


  • Guess That Character!: A very easy challenge. An image of a member of The Soviet Yoshis will appear on screen, and you will have to guess who it is.
  • Red Shell Volley: In this challenge, you will have to avoid getting hit by Red Shells, Bob-ombs, and other Mario Kart items in under 2 minutes.
  • Egg Toss: Players must toss Yoshi Eggs at the targets with images of Kamek and Bowser on them. Hitting targets with images of Chi the Kitten on them will cost players points and time.
  • Swell Time!: Players must face off against Drew Pickles using dildos as swords. If the player loses, Drew will rape them.
  • The Relay of EPICNESS!: The hardest challenge yet, this is a marathon against Yoshi himself, featuring many obstacles and traps!

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